Campus Cutie: BrookLynn White C'20

Meet Brooke White, our Campus Cutie!



Name: BrookLynn White

Nickname: Brooke 

Birthday: 05/03/1998

Class: Freshie

Greek Organization: Theta Pi (TPOD)

Hometown: Memphis 

Major: biomedical engineering 

Relationship status: Taken by an off campus hottie 

Extracurricular Activities: A Capella, The Board, Phonathon, Radio station, Sewanee elementary work study 

Signature Dance Move: all my moves are my favorite. I just dance to the music and what my body does it undetermined. 

Go-to McClurg Line: is this a joke?

What qualities do you find most attractive in a boy: Ambitious and respectful 

Biggest Pet Peeve: people who can't see outside of themselves, who lie, and people who would rather believe rumors than take a chance to get to know someone. 

Spirit Animal: Brown Bear

Who is your celebrity crush?: Either Michael B Jordan or Jason Momoa...look them up. They are so worth it. 

Favorite musician?: I love J. Cole but there are so many other people I love too. 

What is on your Sewanee bucket list?: Skinny dipping in lake Dimmick and getting gowned