Campus Cutie: Benjamin Sadler


Name: Benjamin E. Sadler

Hometown: Atlanta GA

Nicknames: Peaches, Frat Dad, Sin Badler

Major: Ecology and Biodiversity

What do you do for fun? I read starwars novels and comics. I play DND (no shame), settlers of catan, MTG, and Smash Bros

Weird Body fact: My ears move a lot when I get excited.

Spirit Animal: Ermine/Stoat

Pet Peeve: People that play on their phones when their friends are around.

Describe your sex life in a Movie title:  Free Willy

Signature Pub order: Granger with chicken strips hot sauce and honey mustard.

Signature dance move: Flopping about


If you could teach a class here at Sewanee what would it be and why?

If I could teach a class at Sewanee it would probably herpetology. Getting paid salary to play with salamanders and frogs sounds pretty neat.

Most embarrassing story at Sewanee:

It's difficult to pick just one, but I think my favorite is probably getting caught making a 4-5ft tall snow phallus in the middle of university ave. by the "less than impressed " cops with Grayson my freshman year.

Best class at Sewanee:

One of the best classes I've taken at Sewanee is probably sex and gender in the new testament.

Plans for after graduation:

Whatever it is I do after Sewanee, I can safely say it's going to be outside. Wildlife biologist or park ranger are not off the table.

Best Sewanee Memory:

My best Sewanee memory thus far is more of a collection of memories. I've loved it every time I've gone skinny dipping in Cheston. It's never been not fun, especially during the summer. The group you go with really makes it.