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Best Nail Polishes for all Your Spring Break Needs

The Best Nail Polishes for All Your Spring Break Needs


Are you struggling with what color to paint your nails over spring break? Well here’s some advice!


What to wear if you are…


Going to the beach:

Check out Naughty Nautical by Essie.  This color is so much fun, it’s flirty, eye catching, and has exactly the right amount of sparkle for all your beach party needs!

Going to the city:

Weather you are cruising around Manhattan or chilling in Nashville, the perfect color is Cajun Shrimp by OPI.  The perfect balance of pink and orange, this color is the best way to usher in the spring!

Hiking or camping:

If you’re the outdoorsy type, definitely check out Zoya’s Rikki.  Not only is this sparkly green color unbelievably chic, but Zoya also tries to make all their products environmentally friendly, so your polish will do double duty looking great and doing good!

On a service mission:

When you’re working hard, it’s just too much work to keep your nails looking perfect, so choose a soft pink like OPI’s Altar Ego or Essie’s Pink Diamond.



To all those poor seniors who are staying to comp, you deserve something especially fun and funky, here’s my favorite totally unique polishes from the Etsy shop Pretty Jelly.  None of these are exactly the same, and all of them are bright and awesome, perfect for some pre-comping confidence!

Staying for sports:

Shout out to the lax girls and every other tiger who’s staying to win one for Sewanee! The perfect color for you is obviously a true Sewanee purple, try Lost My Bikini in Molokini from OPI’s new Hawaii collection.

To Everyone out there from all of us here at HerCampus, we hope you have a wonderful break, no matter what you’re doing!


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Carley Roe

Sewanee '18

Carley is currently a senior.  She is a psych major with an education minor, because she really likes kids and talking about her feelings.  Carley is from Columbus, Ohio and relocated to the south for the "better weather".  She loves dogs, horses, nail polish, dresses, and bows. In her free time she enjoys texting her mom, horseback riding, reading, and netflix.  Her dislikes include jogging, being cold, and eels.  Learn more about her here!
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