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7 Fall Treats You Will Love

Whether you're a chocoholic or a pumpkin spice super fan, everyone loves some good sweet treats--especially as we creep towards the holidays! As a college student, don't limit yourself to grocery store cookies or dining hall desserts. Here are a few yummy fall treats that are easy to make...even for the average busy college student.
1. Pumpkin Pie Puppy Chow

Fall twist on a beloved dessert. Recipe Here
2. White Chocolate Cranberry Cashew Popcorn
This melt in your mouth goodness can also be prepared without cashews for those whose who have allergies--and it's just as good! Recipe Here
3. NO BAKE Applesauce Brownies
With less than five ingredients and no oven time, these brownies are a must try this fall! Recipe Here
4. NO BAKE Pumpkin Cream Cheese Balls
And you thought I was done with the pumpkin recipes... ALSO, these are fun to make with friends and get your hands a little dirty at the same time! Recipe Here
5. S'mores Brownies
Because what's fall without s'mores? Recipe Here
6. Caramel Apple Sangria 
For those of you who are 21+... Recipe Here
7. Candy Corn Punch
For the rest of us! Recipe Here
Grab a friend and an appetite and try any of these delicious fall goodies before we get into the Christmas season! Until then, Happy Fall Y'all!


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