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We all have things we can do that can improve our academic success in school, and it’s often the little things that matter most! Here are some tips on how to succeed at Sewanee.

1) Sit in the front of class. No one wants to do it, and many people don’t, which is what makes it so important! Sitting in the front of class will also force you to pay attention more. But beware, any inappropriate activity (like checking your phone) will definitely be noticed.

2) Look attentive. It may be hard to look like you always want to be in class, but just being present and showing the right amount of attentiveness goes a long way. Nodding never hurt anyone!

3) Go to class! Okay, this is obvious. Wait- it is, right? A lot of people think classes aren’t necessary as long as you’re doing assigned readings from the syllabus. Most Sewanee professors notice when you’re not in class, and may even take attendance. At the end of the semester when you’re one point from a B, you’re going to wish you were in class- cause maybe then they would be more willing to help you!

4) Go to office hours. Professors are brilliant, but can’t read minds. If you need help with a concept, or just need some clarification, stop by at their office hours! Telling them you’ve been having difficulty in class will allow them to help cater to your academic needs. More than likely they’ll be able to provide additional resources to help you succeed!

5) Set a schedule outside of classes. Consistency is key. Studying for your MWF classes on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday is an example of a schedule you may want to consider arranging for yourself. Eventually, this schedule will become a habit, and overall keep you on track with due dates and classes.

Katie Bender

Sewanee '20

Pre-Law Psychology Major, Sewanee CC, Kappa Delta Sorority Eta Epsilon Chapter