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5 Things to Know about #ActuallySheCan

The tagline, “get inspired, empowered, informed” are the three components that comprise #ActuallySheCan. #ActuallySheCan is not just a publication, but as well as a campaign to motivate and inspire the networking woman. Here are 5 things to know about #ActuallySheCan, and why it is taking the working field by storm.   

“#ActuallySheCan is for women who are strong, smart and driven. A movement for those who aren’t afraid to toss out what they don’t want to make room for what they do. Because we believe focusing on the positive things in your life means less drama, more karma.”

1. The movement was launched by a pharmaceutical company two years ago. 

Pharmaceutical company, Allergan, started the #ASC campaign as a way to better to help young women learn and share information with one another about healthcare and wellness, including contraceptive options. The multi-element campaign is built around a new educational website that provides content and advice on health-related topics, such as body image, dietary habits, exercise and relationships. 

2. Its focus on women’s health and birth control.

With so many contraceptive options out there, #ASC provides insightful information to choosing the perfect and safe option for you. Allergan’s President of Branded Pharma Bill Meury addresses the importance of healthcare knowledge in the campaign launch, expressing, “They see what their parents are going through and they’re [millenials] growing up in a time when healthcare is evolving dramatically, and that’s shaping their attitudes and their actions.”

3. They lead annual conferences for young women. 

#ActuallySheCan is in partnership with TEDWomen in order to highlight the importance of having and being a mentor. The campaign kicked off with a luncheon for TEDWomen 2016 conference. They work to bring mentorship to a wide network of millennial women through a panel discussion called “#ActuallySheCan and the Power of Female Mentorship”.


4. They have partnered with many different celebrities.

Actress Lea Michelle (of “Glee” fame), social media star Lo Bosworth, and Olympian Gabby Douglas have appeared in the campaign, sharing what “actually she can” means to them. 

5. #ASC Film Series

In these ten minute videos, #ASC celebrates the inspiring women who have founded their own restaurant, fashion company, and photography business. They intimately give a day to day account of their lives as well as bringing you behind the scenes into their lives leading up to their new found successes, their ambitions, and leading it all with confidence and positivity. 

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