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5 Best Things About Going Home For Spring Break

Going home is always a good option for Spring Break. Here are 5 reasons why I went home for Spring Break:

1. FOOD!!! 

One of the best things about just going home for break is the food. When stressing over midterms, or just dealing with life, all you want is something you parents have been making your whole life. (Or food from a favorite local restaurant that you are starting to have withdrawals from.)

2. Your Bed/Room

There is nothing better than getting home for break, opening your door, and getting to enter that safe space of your very own room. And then the bed – getting to kick off your shoes and climb into that soft cave of warmth (and finally getting some rest).

3. Pets

A great part of going home is getting to see your pets. There is nothing more gratifying than walking through the door and seeing the pure unconditional love that fills an animals eyes when they haven’t seen you in a long time.

4. Old Haunts

Another wonderful part of going home for spring break is getting to visit all of the places where you spent your time in high school. Be it a museum, park, or mall, there is some thing very comforting about visiting these places.

5. Spending Time With People You Love

The best part of going home for break is spending time with the people you love and haven’t been able to see. There are few things like spending a day around the house with family or catching up with an old friend over a cup of coffee.


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