3 New Year's Resolutions You Should Actually Follow Through With

New year, new you, right? Here are some realistic resolutions that will really benefit you throughout your everyday life!

1. Be more organized. Whatever this may mean for you, organization will help you be more efficient and less stressed. If you find that you have an area of your dorm/apartment that is constantly unkempt, think about how you can rearrange your things in order to be more productive. A clear home is a clear mind. 

2. Eat a better diet. This is a common resolution, perhaps because it's often the most difficult. Start by replacing one snack or food on your plate with a healthier option. Want a handful of chips? Trade it for a banana. Also be sure to keep a healthy alternative in your purse or backpack just in case you need a little something throughout the day. This will help you feel less triggered to grab a candy bar from the vending machine. 

3. Get more sleep. Sleep is a huge necessity for overall good living. Getting enough, can be difficult. Try to set a specific time each night to regularly go to bed. This will help you regulate your sleep pattern as well as your circadian(biological clock) rhythm. This will also help you fall asleep quicker, since your body is used to turning off at this set time. If you find it difficult to sleep at the same time every night, try getting a quick nap in during the day. 20 minutes does wonders for you body, and your mind.