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10 Things to do During a Party Weekend (Other Than Party)

  1. Find a Good Show

       I watched Season 1 of Game Of Thrones (yes, I am behind the times…)

2. Get Lots of Chocolate

    You can justify eating as much chocolate as you want because everyone else is consuming many calories in alcohol.

3. Do Your Homework

    Everybody else is having too much fun to do theirs, so your professors are very pleased with you when you come to class Monday bright eyed and ready to talk!

4. Go Get Food That You Can Eat in Your Room

    You will probably not want to go to McClurg. Partially because weekend McClurg is disgusting and partially because it is full of people groaning from hangovers. 

5. Read Good Books/Comic Books

    I alternated between fantasy novels, Poe’s short stories, and Harley Quinn New 52 comics.

6. Drink LOTS of tea

     Who wants to miss out on all the drinking fun?

7. Spend Hours Skypeing With Friends at Other Schools

    One of my best friends and I spent two hours just doing mad libs together and having lots of stupid fun.

8. Work Out

    I found that the gym is pretty empty on party weekend. Take advantage of that and use the facilities. Try things that other people are usually taking up!

9. Watch the Drunk people Walking Home From Your Window

    It’s very fun to hear a group of people stumbling home and watching them make absolute fools of themselves. Also be on the lookout for anyone you can help.

10. Do Something that Makes You Happy

    This is a great time to do self care. Take some time to journal, meditate, or just take a long hot shower. Sleep well. Take many naps. Paint your nails. Just pamper yourself whatever way you like best.

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