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10 Reasons Why Wine is the Best

I just would like to thank wine for being apart of my life. I basically have fully embraced wine mom culture and I have no regrets. I mean, wine was there for me when I had a mid-life crisis at 20 years old. Who needs boys when you can have wine? I also recently found out that they sell wine in cans (what a game changer!!!) Here are 10 reasons why I love wine:


1. It will always be there for you


2. It’s healthy


3. It comes in boxes


4. You can drink it in sweatpants


5. It makes you feel fearless


6. It’s perfect for all occasions


7. It brings people together


8. It doesn’t judge you


9. You can cook with it


10. It accepts you for who you are


Displaced New Englander who loves the outdoors, sweet tea, sunsets, dogs and the beach.
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