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Why We Love Coming Home for the Holidays

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Seton Hall chapter.

Thanksgiving is always the biggest tease ever.  We get three to five days of home cooked meals and more sleep than a baby, but then it’s a culture shock and back to reality— lovely South Orange.

The more Thanksgiving and other holiday breaks we survive, the more we realize that we love coming home and here’s why:

1.     The food

Unlimited snacks, filled refrigerators and real stoves and ovens. No more microwave cooking (for like three weeks).   Plus every hometown has that one place that everyone loves whether it is a deli, pizza or burger place.  There seems to be no comparison to these comforting culinary gems anywhere else you go outside of your zip code.

2.     Our friends

It’s so great to see your friends from back home all together again so you can hang out and laugh about that boy from high school who keeps sending you 3 a.m. Facebook messages (guys, why is this still a thing for you?!). Also it’s nice to feel grounded again, especially since your home friends know the real, real you (circa braces and bad eyeliner) and it’s good to just chill for a sec.

3.     Personal space

What a wonderful concept.  Sure if you live in a single dorm or have your own room in your apartment, you have “personal space,” but that doesn’t amount to the comfort your own home provides.  We also love our space over the holiday break because of the decorations we have in our homes.  There’s really nothing like it.  It’s really magical.

4.     Our bed

Sure a twin XL mattress can seem like “the best thing ever” after a night of partying, but it’s not your home bed.  Or even if you have a “real bed” in your off-campus apartment, it’s still not your home bed that’s surrounded by the comfort of your “favorite things”— like those weird earrings your aunt gave you but you secretly hate and have to still keep around because you feel bad.  Stuff like that.

5.      Our family

Some people live hours from school, others live a mere 20 minutes away, but that doesn’t make missing your family matter any less.  It still feels great to hang out with your family and celebrate annual traditions that bring you all together.  

Rebecca Gramuglia is a senior Public Relations major with a minor in Graphic Design at Seton Hall University. As the Campus Correspondent for the Seton Hall Her Campus chapter, Rebecca enjoys writing all types of pieces from features to relatable blog posts. In addition to being the HC Campus Correspondent, she is involved with her sorority, Alpha Gamma Delta, and is the President of the Public Relations Student Society of America. When she's not glued to her MacBook, you can find Rebecca obsessing over clothes and watching Clueless.