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Why It’s Important To Travel With Friends

Heading to college and experiencing life on your own for a while is really important. Although you can still call Mom, Dad or Grandma when you need some structuring, this time away is crucial for a developing young adult.

Similarly to this, traveling with friends when you’re young is a freeing experience. There is nothing in this world like a girls trip, and finally reaching the age where you are strutting through the airport with your besties is an amazing feeling.

It all starts with the planning. If you’ve saved up for a trip you know how good it feels to finally be able to afford that plane ticket or book that air bnb. The trip confirmation blows up your email and you screech! Trip planning with friends is cool because everyone is balling on a budget.

The countdown begins, you make arrangements and get to know the lay of the land so you hit all of the places you possibly can.

Traveling with friends you can do so much more because everyone is eager to get the most out of the day. Although you may be staying in a cramped room, it's certainly more fun being as close as can be. You learn so much about each other even if you think you knew your friend so well.

Next, you’ll get fire instagrams. Let’s be real it's so embarrassing to try to get your mom to take an artsy picture for you, especially when everyone knows you are on a family vacation. I personally find it fun to be somewhere with your friends and you can pretend to be anything you want to be. You switch clothes, wear something you may not normally wear and play a bit of dress up! Plus, you have more than one suitcase to delve into.

When traveling with friends you guys will push each other to do things you may not normally do, putting you outside your comfort zone. Trips are the best excuses to try new things and be adventurous. 

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