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Why It’s Fun to be the “Weird Girl” on Halloween, As Told by ‘Mean Girls’

“Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.” Although Cady Heron did make an excellent point, she is the one who showed up as an “ex-wife” at Aaron Samuels’ friend’s Halloween party.  Did you notice how Aaron liked her costume and didn’t even say anything to Regina, who dressed up as a bunny, except making a sarcastic comment about it?

There are two types of costumes on Halloween for women: the more revealing costume, and the costume with crazy, ugly face paint or any other costume that isn’t showing off your body where everyone can basically see what you look like naked.  You can be spending the whole night pulling up your strapless bustier, or you can spend it dancing to “Thriller” while not having to worry if your dress is about to ride up and pull a Britney from 2007.

It’s sort of a struggle.  Do you dress up as the typical risqué Disney princess or childhood cartoon character?  Or do you channel Cady Heron and be something a little out the ordinary?  We’re rooting for the latter, but everyone has a right to wear what they want. Having an outside of the box costume may dub you as “the weird girl/friend,” and that’s okay. Just because you’re not following the parade of body con dresses and animal ears does not make you less of a creative, cool girl, or even if you’re an active participant in the body con movement, you’re still getting in the spirit of Halloween.

Now there’s nothing wrong with being confident in how you look (we’re totally all for it), but know that it’s okay to not dress up in a store bought risqué princess imitation costume.  No shade to store bought costumes either— but just know that Halloween does not have to be overshadowed by booty baring shorts and fishnets.  There are so many options to channel your inner crazy alter ego. It’s the most creative and expressive holiday, so have fun and be weird! 

Rebecca Gramuglia is a senior Public Relations major with a minor in Graphic Design at Seton Hall University. As the Campus Correspondent for the Seton Hall Her Campus chapter, Rebecca enjoys writing all types of pieces from features to relatable blog posts. In addition to being the HC Campus Correspondent, she is involved with her sorority, Alpha Gamma Delta, and is the President of the Public Relations Student Society of America. When she's not glued to her MacBook, you can find Rebecca obsessing over clothes and watching Clueless.
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