Where Do Socks Go?

Have you ever done laundry and had one sock that comes back without a pair?  Or even two socks without pairs (that obviously don’t match each other)? 

Sometimes you roll them up together and sometimes you just stick them back in the drawer and call it a day thinking you’ll find it eventually.  Because it has to be in the wash still, right?  But then you never get it back.  Where the heck do they go…

Sometimes I find them balled up in the bottom of my sheets, but where do all the other ones go?

Like I’m sorry do my feet smell so bad that they disappear?


Do they attach themselves to the monsters in our closets?

Do they take turns hiding from me?

It seems no matter what I do, I end up continually losing socks and spending more money on them.  But hey at least I have an excuse to go shopping!