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Three Reasons Why You Should Wear Flip Flops As Long As You Can

1. Its Quick and Easy to Slip on Flip Flops

              Did you sleep through your alarm and are going to be late for class? Is the thought of finding matching socks making you anxious? Do you not feel like tying your laces or zipping up your boots? Great news! As long as there’s no snow on the ground flip flops are super easy to slip on so you can head to your class on time. No need to even worry about socks or pesky things like laces and zippers. Just slide your feet in and you’re good to go!

2. The No-Snow Rule

              Flip Flops are great to wear pretty much any time of the year… Except when there is snow on the ground. You don’t want to freeze your toes off, so as long as you’re comfortable wearing shorts or dresses without tights, you’re all set to wear flip flops. Of course, comfortable weather varies depending on the person, but as long as there is no snow, you’re golden to rock those flip flops anytime you want.


3. The Perfect Everyday Casual Wear

              Maybe you can’t wear flip flops to work, but you can pretty much wear them everywhere else. You can wear them to class, to lunch with friends, to the movies or the mall, to grab packages from the mailroom, and even while doing laundry. Pretty much anywhere that’s a casual setting you can wear flip flops. Emphasis on casual setting! Don’t try wearing flip flops to formal events or places, like funerals or fancy restaurants! It probably won’t go over so well.

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