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Okay, let me preface this by clarifying that I am a die-hard Marvel fan. I have gone to every single midnight premiere since the original Iron Man in 2008. As a comic fan as well as a fan of the MCU, my opinions have been vastly different than that of those who simply watch.

That being said, I have a lot of feelings about this movie and what it holds for the MCU going forward.

Reasons why I loved Endgame:

1. They eliminated (in various ways) the correct people. RDJ/Tony (no one really knows the difference anymore) was a fantastic cast for the crux of this entire new form of superhero-ing shenanigans. I loved his story arc with Cap- it reminded me of watching the Avengers Assemble cartoons with my younger siblings. Their relationship in the MCU has always been more rocky than I would have liked (don’t even get me started on Bucky, too) and didn’t really remind me of the banter-y yet still ride or die relationship that they’ve always had. This was the perfect resolution to it. ALSO, Tony’s death was absolutely fantastic in my opinion. I loved the idea of him bringing a tragic, yet literal end to an era in a perfectly fantastic way.

2. The jokes were absolutely HILARIOUS. The Russo brothers did a fantastic job of making certain that there was enough levity in the midst of an EXTREMELY stressful and tragic movie.

3. The battle at the compound. Enough said.

4. Also, Carol McFreaking Danvers is the love of my life and couldn’t have been more perfect in this. The very fact that Thanos had to use the actual Power Stone to subdue her in anyway shape or form was so funny I snorted.

5. Nebula’s story arc was unexpected but extremely welcome.

6. Thomas Holland was given his lines and only his lines. He SNAPPED (pardon the pun). His lines were fantastically delivered and I loved every minute of it.

7. Thor being able to stay thicc even when his armour appeared because traditional standards of strength aren’t absolute.

8. Thor’s reaction to Steve holding Mjolnir was absolutely priceless and adorable.

9. Scott Lang was absolutely priceless and adorable.

10. The A-Force shot with all of the heroines made me literally jump out of my seat. I got chills up and down my spine. It was beautiful and perfect.

Issues I had with Endgame:

1. Steve. While I love the idea of passing on the shield (especially to Sam in light of the Falcon and Winter Soldier TV series), I thought his decision was almost strange. I know for a fact that Bucky Barnes would have 112% not been okay with his best friend getting to live out his life without a care in the world while he had to stay and suffer being left alone, not knowing who he was, not having as much time to adapt, and having 5 years of time to catch up on.

2. Natasha’s death also felt cheap because she was never given the development she needed despite being one of the original six Avengers and being a constant member since. We got a glimpse of it in Winter Soldier but it definitely didn’t give her justice.

3. There was not nearly enough Bucky lines, but the MCU has always been awful at giving his character the time he deserves.

4. Let’s not forget in GOTG (the first one) it took the entire team of Guardians at the time (Peter, Gamora, Rocket, and Drax) to withstand the power of the Power Stone (which was only possible because Peter was half-celestial). Last I checked, most if not all of the Avengers who held Infinity Stones in their hands weren’t celestial. So...there’s that.

5. Thor’s depression felt like a little bit of a joke at times, but it redeemed itself enough that I can put it lower on the list. The fact that he was able to keep his beer gut when he put his armor on made this a lot less of a problem for me.  

6. The Professor Hulk character arc really didn’t make sense, but it was needed to further the storyline so I’ll let it slide. Plus, the idea of him being validated and being a popular Avenger versus having people be afraid of him made me so happy.

Sophie Gochtovtt

Seton Hall '21

Sophie is a double major in Visual and Sound Media and Creative Writing at Seton Hall. She is an active sophomore- involved in Alpha Sigma Tau, English Club, and Pirate TV. In her free time, she enjoys watching movies, reading books and writing stories.
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