Things that Make it Seem like the World is Ending

Rumors have been circulating about how the world is going to end since the beginning of time. The turn of the millennium, 2008, 2012, and many other dates of the world’s rumored demise in between have wreaked havoc upon society. Recently, it seems like the world is spiraling out of control. Here lies the current events that have resulted in concerns regarding the future of the world as we know it.

I think there’s zero shock factor in the mentioning of Trump’s doings. The banter between North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, and the president have led to an arguable war declaration between countries. Nuclear warfare is not something to take likely and is a major concern when  controlled by two severely unstable leaders.

Other recent events that are terrifying, to say the least include the rival racial protests. The occurrence in Charlottesville last month made headlines as white supremacists initiated a “Unite the Right” protest, which drew counter protestors to the scene. The high tensions resulted in a violent scene that resulted in one woman’s death as she was struck by a vehicle driven into a crowd of people by a “unite the right” protestor.  

On top of all these political concerns, Mother Nature is troubling our world just the same. An earthquake in Mexico, 2 hurricanes, and a tropical storm that turned into a hurricane have all tested the emergency response of our society.

I think what we have to remember is that throughout history, the world has gone through terrible times and we are all still here today. As I sit in my 2 ½ hour long contemporary moral issue class thinking about what I’m going to eat after I bust out of class, I’m snapped back to the attention of the priest who professes the class as he climbed on top of his desk yelling, “THE WORLD IS NEVER GOING TO END.” I took his word for it and you should too. We are going to be a-ok people!