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That’s 70 Day

Last week God blessed us with a 70 degree weather day. Many were not prepared the day before for the 60 degree weather, but that day in the 70s everyone was prepared. Everyone was dressed appropriately. Our humble 5,000 student campus finally looked the part. On any regular winter day you never see anyone outside unless they have to be. There are times I walk to the library or the cafeteria where it’s just me and one other person out. It’s amazing how much of a difference the weather can make.

A few people skipped classes, people were nicer, and you just saw smiles for miles. If you just scroll through pictures taken at Seton Hal University on instragram that day you can see the happiness on people’s faces. Most social media accounts it dubbed it as “the perfect day.” One of the biggest things I noticed was even though our school considered small to medium. I have never seen some of these people in my life. I have been going to Seton Hall for four years and have never seen some of these people before. When you go about your regular schedule you see so many of the same people and you forget that there are thousands of other students on this campus.

On nice summer days everyone is out. Our campus looks like a college brochure. The blankets are lined on nice on the green. Every friend group sitting and chatting. Some boys are playing Frisbee and now this may just be on our campus but there is always a group of people on a type- rope. This is the perfect time to get to know people to make new friends. I guarantee, you do not know everyone who is out.

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