State of the Union Address: Getting the Cold Hard Truth

Hop in fellow conservatives, liberals, and anyone else who cared to hop on the political train of events this past week! We’re speaking real talk. President Trump conducted the state of the union address this past Tuesday. Overall, I would say Trump’s performance came off to be marginally more presidential while addressing our nation. However, if you are looking to read up on the matter, take caution out there people. Today, it is tough to find objective news on current events, to say the least. To find a neutral story on a topic is virtually impossible. Many have covered the major points he touched in the media. However, one thing I observed as a viewer of the address and a reader of the later coverage is the prevalence of separation in our country. Depending on what side of the political scale the camera panned over, viewers could immediately decipher which party an individual in the audience was a part of. Republicans jumped on anything they could clap for, while democrats offered close to zero encouragement to anything addressed.

The separation was not only present during the event, but it was all over the later media coverage. If you were not able to watch the address, it is nearly impossible to find unbiased news on the matter. Seriously, can anyone just report the facts these days?? Depending on which side of the political scale news you read into, you will be reading up on what seems to be two completely different events. To reference a couple: Fox news focused on the Democrats refusal to accept the president’s “open hand to work with members of both parties” regarding ongoing debates, while glorifying his address. On the opposition, CNN’s report recapped the event in articles saturated with the negatives of Trump’s presidency. Which they noted, he failed to incorporate in the actual speech. With such a controversial leadership in this country, it is difficult to find news that tells you straight up how it is. Everyone should keep in mind that the media always writes for profit incentive! Yes, every paper will claim to be impartial, but the reality is none of them really are. So, if you want the real scoop and to form your own opinions, I suggest you look past all these diluted stories and give the event a watch yourself! Thank you and good night, political party people.