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Spring Cleaning – Tidy Up Before Saying Tata For the Summer

So, Summer is right around the corner and you’re taking a look around your dorm thinking, “wow this place was hit by a hurricane”. Don’t be so hard on yourself – we’ve all been there. Between a busy lifestyle, doing homework for all your classes, and studying for finals cleaning your dorm gets pushed to the back burner. Unfortunately, if you leave your room messy you’ll DEFINITELY get a fine, and/or your roommate will problem have an issue with you. Luckily, I have lived through those days and I have a few tips and trick for cleaning up and moving out of your dorm for the summer.

First, start packing prior to the last few days of school. Since Easter break is relatively close, packed up clothes to take home. This will start the process of emptying your drawers out.

Second, clean up your naaaasty bathroom. You have probably cleaned your bathroom maybe twice. If you’re on a stricter cleaning schedule, kudos to you. However, it is important you sweep the floor and scrub down the toilets and shower (gross but necessary).

Start cleaning out your desk drawers before finals szn. You probably stuffed papers away in the desk all year and now you can cleanse yourself of all academics! If anything, this is the most relaxing part.

If you are planning on living on campus next year there are things you can do to get ahead of the cleaning curve. Create a schedule for yourself and your roommate(s)/suitemates. Get bins to organize your life so things don’t pile up on your desk. Do your laundry every week and make sure you fold your clothes right when they get out of the dryer so they don’t end up sitting at the end of your bed forever (I have been guilty of this from time to time). Make your bed every morning because it’ll make you feel better, even if it’s the only productive thing you do all day.  

Kelly Carr

Seton Hall '19

My name is Kelly Carr and I am currently studying at Seton Hall University. I am a public relations major/ film minor.
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