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Sorority Spotlight: Zeta Tau Alpha

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Seton Hall chapter.

Thinking about going through formal recruitment? Want to learn more about each sorority? The Presidents of each organization took time to answer some questions about their sorority to give you an sneak peak into their sorority.

How would you describe the typical ZTA sorority woman?

One of the aspects I love most about ZTA is that there is not a “typical” ZTA woman. We are all very unique, and it is something that drove me to want to become a sister of this organization. Our sorority is one of various majors, personalities, interests, and talents. If I had to use one adjective to describe my sisters it would be hardworking. Whether it is studying extra for an exam, or taking on an internship, our sisters are all hardworking. 

What is your best memory in your sorority?

The best memory of my sorority for me would have to be when I received my big sister. From the moment I met her I knew that she was going to be one of my forever friends. She has helped me adjust to college life within the Seton Hall campus, and is simply there for me whenever I need someone to talk to. The moment I found out she was my big sister was amazing because I remember turning around and rushing to hug her with excitement. Little did I know that we would become closer and closer each semester. Mikayla is one of my best friends, and having her as my big has been such a great experience. 

What are your favorite ZTA activities?

One of my favorite ZTA activities is when we participate in the Making Strides Walk in Newark, NJ. Our philanthropy is breast cancer education and awareness, and this event really shows how relevant breast cancer is within today’s society. Within this event hundreds of breast cancer survivors and family members come together to walk for the cause. It was such a great experience working in one of the tents specifically for breast cancer survivors and hearing their stories. 

How is your chapter different from others on campus?

I found my home in ZTA due to the diversity of individuals within it. Each person I talked to during recruitment was different from the other, but the one thing that was prevalent within all the woman was their love for ZTA. Although there is no mold of what a ZTA woman looks like, I love the fact that I feel comfortable talking to any girl within ZTA and knowing that they will be there to help me. 

What would be your advice for a PNM going through recruitment?

My advice of a PNM going through recruitment is to keep an open mind. I know that going into recruitment you will hear your friends talking about which ones they are interested in and what they have heard about each organization. If you keep an open mind and talk to each sorority, I promise that you will find the organization that is the best fit for you.

What is the biggest misconception you’d like to address about being a sorority woman?

I feel that when individuals hear about sorority women they assume we are one strong clique. That is anything but true. I currently live with a bunch of girls in a different sorority, and I am happy to say that I have friends within every organization. Choosing to be in one sorority does not mean that these girls are your only friends. Yes, these girls will be your sisters for life, but you will also have forever friends in other organizations as well. 

How did you know ZTA was right for you?

I knew ZTA was right for me when I was going through recruitment. My Mother was actually a part of a different organization when she went to SHU, but I chose to go with a different one. I went through recruitment with an open mind, and by talking to different girls in ZTA I felt that it was very easy for me to open up to them about experiences in my past. I felt that my personality molded well with most of the girls I talked to, and I knew by the last day of recruitment that ZTA was the right fit for me. 

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