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After the sadness and heartbreak that was the Big East Championship, many Seton Hall students were eagerly anticipating the Pirates’ first appearance in March Madness at the NCAA championship. Pirates all around the world were settled in front of television screens to see the big game. There was a watch party at the Cove with free food and ice cream. Students gathered at Bunnies to enjoy beer while they watched the game. Others, like myself, were crowded in living rooms among friends to watch the game and hope for a chance at redemption.

Seton Hall Pirates had been estimated to be Number Eight in the Big East but we proved them wrong, rose up to beat Number Two, and ended up third in the tournament. The beginning of the NCAA game started out very slow. Down by two point two minutes into the game, it was already looking like a slow start. For the first half of the game, we struggled to keep up with Wofford, even allowing Wofford a 16 point lead.

By the second half, we began to pick up our pace with Myles Powell coming to the rescue. We began to even out and even lead by a bit at certain points. Most of the second half became a tango between the two teams. Close to the end, it was looking like we might actually have a chance but in the end, it was not meant to be. We lost, and we lost with a GREAT point difference.

I wonder if we might have stood a better chance if we were not against the three point star, Fletcher Magee. Who knows what could have happened. All I know is we fought hard this season and we tried our best. As Pirates, we will always bleed blue and we will always stand our ground. Better luck next time!

Ibu Akintola

Seton Hall '20

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