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School Walk Outs: A Generation Ready for Change

Looking back about a month ago, any American should recall the horror felt across the nation as eighth school shooting, where someone was either hurt or killed, occurred in Parkland, Florida. As the 19-year-old gunman tragically downed students and staff of Majory Stoneman Douglas High School, a fire ignited for justice. As we see this common tragedy take lives of countless innocent Americans, we are left feeling helpless, pondering the question “Why does this keep happening?”

In frustration with the lack of implement of change to gun laws in our country, students have taken the matter into their own hands. A nation-wide school walkout to ban against gun violence across the United States took place on Wednesday, March 14th, to signify that far too many students across America have seen their classmates lose their lives while doing nothing but receiving an education.

Although, students did not have the power to make any national progress directly in the government regarding gun control, they took their power to the streets of their hometowns, Twitter feeds and Snapchat stories.

This in itself is very powerful to see our generation ban together to advocate for each other’s education, safety, and well-being in a time where our leaders are failing to do so for us.

Personally, I was able to experience a vigil while in Wynwood, Florida, which is 45 minutes from Parkland. This was a very moving and emotional time that I was grateful to be a part of. As a current student, member of the United States, and of humanity, it is my only hope that through the fuel of our generation, we will be able to stop this horrible trend that shatters the lives of Americans far too often.

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