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Princess Diaries 3 Is Happening!

This will be some of the most important news you’ve read in all of 2019 so far!

Forget Donald Trump, romaine lettuce, chilling temperatures and the Patriots…THIS IS BIG NEWS.

Anne Hathaway has recently revealed that there is a script for a Princess Diaries 3, and her and Julie Andrews are in.

Hathaway revealed that the crew is “working on it”. In the touching words of Princess Mia, “SHUT UP!” was the only appropriate reaction I could think of.

The first two movies were released in 2001 and then again in 2004, telling a unique story of a struggling teenager in San Francisco getting a surprise visit from her grandmother who is the queen of Genovia. The life of Mia Thermopolis is turned upside down when her grandmother Julie Andrews reveals that Mia is indeed a princess and next in line for the throne.

In the second film Mia moves to Genovia to live in the castle and assume the throne, while also trying to find a husband. Although nothing is solidified just yet, the script is written and all of the old cast is down. I wonder what the fate of Genovia is!

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