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The Phrase “Lit” Needs to Go

We’ve all heard the phrase, “It’s lit” one too many times, however in my opinion, once is enough. Derived from a popular rap song that has since been in countless others, the word “lit” will never be the same.

It doesn’t take much for trends to start nowadays, nor does it take much sense. Many of the repeated idioms that are used so frequently by pre-teens, teenagers, and even adults, don’t actually make sense when you really think about it, “it’s lit” leading the movement. Aside from the fact that the real meaning of lit comes no where close to what the expression alludes to, its appropiate usage is forever (or at least for a long while) tainted. Speaking for myself, whenever I hear the word lit used in any context, a faint voice in my head can’t help but think of the many times it has been utilized in rap songs or to describe a wild party. This means I can no longer say a simple statement such as “those candles are lit” without having to hear a rapper in my head. If you think this is an exaggeration, try it yourself. 

As with all cultural fads, the application of the word lit as an annoying adjective will eventually cease to exist. Unfortunately, I don’t see that end in the near future. I have yet to go a day in the last six months or so without hearing “it’s lit” to explain a situation, many of times to describe something as casual as a sandwich. With that being said, it has been long enough and I think it is time for “it’s lit” to retire asap. So, for the love of the English language, just use the word “lit” to describe a sufficiently bright room and not a crazy frat party. 

Sophomore Graphic Design Major and Public Relations Minor at Seton Hall University, although my 5 and an eigth of an inch stature alludes otherwise. Avid awkward dancer and aspiring Picasso. I firmly believe Mozzarella Sticks can cure any unrest, proven through my own experience. I am always ready for new adventures, some of which turn into interesting reads:)
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