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You’re right. I do not know who you are, what your deal is, or how much you weigh, but listen hear and listen good… National Opposite Day was January 25.  One thing I do know: opposite day, arguably is the most overlooked day of the year. Sorry party people, you missed the chance to eat breakfast for dinner, tell your frenemy they are trendy when their outfits are never on point, and be called out for acting like an a-hole just to shoot back with the response that “It’s opposite day!!!”.  What we do not realize is the fact that you can do whatever you damn please on opposite day, with a fair excuse as to why you seem to have lost your cool. 

One can assume that approximately negative of the world’s population’s favorite holiday is opposite day.  However, if you fools got crafty and used the principals of this sacred day for a day of fun, studies show that stats would skyrocket.  Whelp, I missed opposite day this year and personally…I am pissed.  Time to devise my planning for next year. Mark your calendars, and get ready to unlock your opposite egos.

One more thing, opposite day isn’t purge day. Before you go out and try to “take care of business” with the hairdresser that gave you a bowl cut when you were 15 right before school picture day, remember opposite day unfortunately, is like every other day under the law. Stay out of the slammer and don’t do anything that’s going to make friends, foes.  See you next year, suckas. :)

Veronica Ruth

Seton Hall '20

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