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New Year, New Me?

We’ve all heard the phrase used as if we’re all on some fad diet com

mercial… HA! As if! We prefer to stay the same person and make little improvements to kick butt in the new year. Even the smallest changes can lead to a happier you!

1. Dunkin run? We’re assuming that means coffee. NOPE, not this year! Try changing it up to an Iced Green Tea or even a smoothie made at the Caf. Sure, that caffeine boost we get from coffee is great for those 8 am’s but changing your morning start can change your attitude AND health altogether.  

2. Nap time? A must. With our constant late nights studying or hanging out with friends, early morning classes and constant on-the-go errands tire us out! Give your body a break and get some rest! Trust me, you’ll feel much better.

3. We all have one thing in common: We’ve made up an excuse of why we SHOULDN’T go to the gym; I have to get homework done…AKA let me online shop a little longer can no longer cut it. Wake up and get moving! Looking better will have you feeling better! 

Hello all, my name is Courtney Jenney and I am one of the writers for the Seton Hall Her Campus. I am a Journalism and Public Relations major studying as a full time student at Seton Hall University. I consider myself a lover of all things beautiful; fashion, well-being, beauty, health, art, travel, and music. I was born and raised on Cape Cod in Massachusetts; home to beautiful beach views and royal history. My home is an hour south of Boston; which is why I have a love for all of the New England/Boston sports teams. As passionate for writing as I am, I am striving to entertain others with my writing and provide lively topics for other students around campus! Cheers to the future! XO
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