Netflix Recommendations

I want to address a question that circles around every so often: What should I watch on Netflix next?  I'm here to answer that question with my most recent netflix favs.


The 100

This show has three seasons currently on Netflix and the fourth is happening as we speak on The CW.  It takes place almost a century after the countries of the world bombed each other, forcing people to move into space.  Except, as we learn in the first episode, the space station that was supposed to last 200 years, is running out of oxygen.  Because they have to ration their resources, they do not have room to keep prisoners, so every crime is punishable by death; unless you're under 18.  Then you're kept in jail until your trial at 18.  The Chancelor decides to send the 100 kids under 18 in jail down to earth 100 years early.  If the earth is livable, the entire population can move down and not have to worry about their depleting oxygen supply.  If the earth is not livable, by taking 100 people off the space station, they save themselves about a month of more oxygen for the rest of the population.  The show is about the kids' making their home on earth.  Who decides the rules? Are there other living things on earth? And of course, there are a few love triangles.


Schitt's Creek

The Rose family was beyond rich.  But when their financial advisor's stealing money and failure to pay taxes catches up with them, they lose everything.  Except a small town that Johnny bought as a joke for their son years back; the government didn't think the town was valuable enough to take from them.  The family of four, Johnny, his wife, Moira, and their thirty something kids, David and Alexis, all find themselves living in two attached  Motel in the town of Schitt's Creek.  The hilarious sitcom follows both the kids and the parents as they learn to do things for themselves, learn to get along with people from a very different walk of life, and surprisingly make true friends.


Frankie and Grace

Saul and Robert were business partners and best friends for decades.  They even bought a beach house together that they split time at despite the fact that their wives (Frankie and Grace)  never got along.  Their kids however, all grew up together and were friends.  Years later, they ask their wives to meet them at dinner for an important announcement.  When the women accidentally both get to the restaurant first, they assume the men are going to tell them they’re retiring.  Turns out their husbands are gay, and are divorcing them, and getting married to each other.  When the men move into one of their houses and the other wife can’t stand to be in her old house, both women resort to moving into the beach house.  Considering one of them is a retired career driven woman who built her own company and the other one is a hippie who likes to go with the flow, things don’t always go smoothly for Frankie and Grace.