Netflix Originals Worth Watching

Netflix has been coming out with some really great originals in the last couple years, and people have been pretty obsessed with the new content made by Netflix. Here are some of my favorite Netflix Originals:

TV Shows

1. Greenhouse Academy

My roommate and I are high-key obsessed with this TV show. They are literally teenager geniuses and athletes that go to boarding school. There are so many different twist and turns that watching this show is an emotional rollercoaster. There is so much to be invested in: the different plot points, various relationships, and the students of Greenhouse Academy.

2. Queer Eye

This show is amazing and so is the cast. Queer Eye is a reboot with a different cast from the original. The entire cast are gay men who are trying to help guys live a better and fuller life. Antoni is my all time fave. He teaches them how to eat better and cook a healthy go-to meal. This show is definitely worth watching.

3. 13 Reasons Why

I know that there was a ton of controversy around this show, but I liked it so much. I read the book that this show was based on and I think the show does a good job of capturing what happens in the book, but also expanding on it. I really liked being able to see the other character become fuller characters and play more of a role in the story. Obviously there are trigger warnings to watch this as some of the scenes are quite graphic.

4. Dear White People

So instead of packing up my dorm or studying for finals, I did want any self respecting college student would do... start a new show on Netflix. I was surprised by how much I actually enjoyed this show but it's definitely worth watching. It's kind of an eye opening show about racism and how we don't normally address it properly.

5. Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

This is the epilogue season of the original Gilmore Girls show. I would recommend watching Gilmore Girls before watching this Netflix Original. It's pretty much the best and worst thing that has ever happened to me. On one hand I was excited to see Star Hallows and all my fave characters again, but on the other hand it was rough watching Rory struggle so much. 


1. Step Sisters

If my suite mate can watch this movie 100 times since it came out, you definitely can watch it once. It is about girls in sororities, where one sorority is trying to keep their charter on campus, while a girl from another sorority teaches them how to step. Step Sisters is such a fun movie, that pulls at heart strings while teaching about cultural differences. 

2. Game Over, Man*

This is just such a fun movie and any movie with Adam DeVine is going to be funny. Three best friends try to save their idol from being held hostage and kill some bad guys along the way. While there is action in the movie, it's definitely more of a comedy.

*Disclaimer: This movie is also pretty inappropriate. Should not be watched with parents!

3. To The Bone

This movie is super intense and addresses people who have eating disorders. Lily Collins is the main actress in this movie and she does a phenomenal job portraying the main character Ellen. I definitely gained some insight into the mindset of some people who have eating disorders, although it's important to realize that the movie is a slight exaggeration and doesn't portray everyone's experience with an eating disorder. 

4. You Get Me

This is a stalker movie that's wild from beginning to end. Bella Thorne plays an amazing stalker who couldn't handle rejection. She definitely goes off the deep end and tries to kill multiple people. 

5. The Babysitter

This is pretty much every little kids nightmare: finding out your babysitter is in a secret cult while you're asleep. Of course Cole now has to survive everyone in the cult trying to shut him up (kill him). 

Comedy Specials

1.  Jack Whitehall: At Large

Jack Whitehall is so funny and claims to be the everyday relatable comedian. He is very British, very charming, and very engaging. Also his arch nemesis is Robert Pattinson. How can you not want to watch him?

2. Trevor Noah: Afraid of the Dark

Trevor Noah talks about his experience of coming to America and how different New York is from South Africa. He addresses traffic lights, racism, colonialism, and more. He also attempts a Russian accent that is worth listening to. 

3. Bo Burnham: Make Happy

My roommate and I are literally obsessed (although not as much as we are with Greenhouse Academy). Bo Burnham is very adorkable. This comedy special is like a musical and a stand up comedy put together. It's definitely an experience watching it.

4. Iliza Shlesinger: Freezing Hot

Iliza is super honest and down to earth. In this special she takes about being basic, Pinterest, pumpkin spice lattes, and the battle between genders. 

5. Gabriel Iglesias: I'm Sorry For What I Said When I Was Hungry

He's passionate about food and honestly aren't we all? Iglesias is also a survivor of a death hoax, and meeting his idol, Arnold Schwarzenegger. It's a pretty great show and honestly the title is just so relatable.