National Peanut Butter Day: A Celebration

I’m going to start this rant off with some words to live by: “If someone tells you that you’re putting too much peanut butter on your bread, stop talking to them. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life…” –anonymous.

If we’re being honest here, national holidays for just ordinary food seems a little ridiculous right? Well, good thing Peanut butter isn’t just an ordinary type of food! Peanut butter is not just a food people like, it’s a life style they adopt. If you or your friend identify with this way of life, as much as I do, you totally get what I’m saying. I personally do not think I could live in a world without that creamy (or chunky, depending on your preference (no judgement here!)) deliciousness and neither does the majority of Americans. The average American eats 3 pounds of peanut butter every year… Altogether, that’s enough to coat the floor of the entire grand canyon!

Did you know that peanut butter has been staple to humans since the turn of the century? The Native American first made an original peanut butter paste that differs from what we think of it today. However, the man, the myth, the legend, and my personal hero is Joseph Rosefield. The maker of the peanut butter we all know and love today. I could kiss you Joseph Rosefield! All I have to say is god bless that man, and god bless national peanut butter day. It only comes once a year so live it up people!