National Pasta Day

On October 17th, we celebrate National Pasta Day; a day that reminds us of pasta’s staple role in daily life.  But for most people this is just a regular day.  Because pasta can be, should be, and is celebrated every day.


  1. It can be paired with almost anything and still taste good.

    1. Mac and cheese, Lasagna, penne vodka, zingy lemon chicken, linguine and spinach pesto, shrimp tortellini alfredo, chicken noodle soup, even orzo and (ew)brussel sprouts taste good when with pasta— must I go on?

  2. Pasta is accommodating to allergies

    1. While many dishes of pasta contain ingredients that are allergens, pasta itself is only a problem for people who must avoid gluten.  And the simple fix to that is gluten free pasta! Lactose intolerant? Use swiss, parmesan or any other hard cheese. Allergic to milk? Red sauce with meatballs is always a classic.

  3. It’s a cheap meal

    1. As a host, lasagna, pasta salad, penne vodka, and more are all go-to dishes that are cheap and easy when feeding a large number of people. And it is always a fan favorite.

  4. It can be healthy

    1. Living in a household of a VERY Greek woman, I know that pasta is central to the Mediterranean diet.  Something that has been proven to keep both the outer and inner body healthy and looking good.  The Mediterranean diet reduces the risks of both heart disease and cancer and takes about twenty years off a person’s appearance (many people mistake my mom for my sister and my 70 year old grandmother for 50).

Check out for more fast facts, recepies and tips on everything pasta!