My "Not So Guilty" Guilty Pleasure

Hi, my name is Sydni, and I am obsessed with Reality TV. There, I said it and I am not ashamed! Let’s backtrack to the beginning of this so called “guilty pleasure” (although is it still called a guilty pleasure if you are not guilty about it?).

I would like to say everything started with American Idol. Every week my mother and I would sit down and judge the people auditioning. That soon turned into us placing bets on who would win. Soon enough we weren’t just placing bets on American Idol, but we were placing bets on the Amazing Race, The Voice, and So You Think You Can Dance. All of that was just child’s play compared to the madness that entered my life when I started The Bachelor.

The Bachelor is the best reality show on television, and I will say that until the end of time. I think the Bachelor really has everything a reality show requires: drama, drama, alcohol, more drama, fun dates, and if you are lucky a proposal at the end. Either way the bachelor has consumed my life. If I am not watching the show, I am most likely reading about the show. I have even made a bracket of all the girls and we seem to be doing really well. Hopefully my girl Cassie wins Colton’s Final Rose.     

Real talk though, while the obsession is very intense and real, I do think that reality TV offers an escape from the stress that I experience on a daily basis. Between interning, homework, and trying to keep up my GPA, relaxing with a glass of wine on Monday nights with my favorite person (Love You Mom!) is just the thing I need to get myself through the week. Next time you are stressed maybe turn on E! Network and watch reruns of Keeping up With the Kardashians, Botched, or if you like higher stakes the Challenge on MTV or Big Brother are both solid choices. While the Bachelor might not be for everyone, everyone should have at least one show to obsess over. The Bachelor is mine and I hope everyone finds theirs.