My Interpretation of what Kiiara is Saying in Her Song, Gold.


The song Gold by Kiiara has been listened to by everyone tuning into their radio for the last few months, but is sung by almost no one.  It’s a great song, but no one can understand the lyrics. And if people do take the time to look up the lyrics, it seems to be a bunch of gibberish:

“Roof is falling let me love me falling I just know.\ Roof is falling let me love me without ever letting you know.”

But when you take a closer look at the lyrics, it actually tells an interesting story.  She seems to be talking about a controlling boyfriend and how their relationship is about to fail.  Just as she says the “Roof is falling let me love me,” as if she is saying their relationship (the roof) is not working (it is falling), let me love myself and do my own thing.

“Gold up in my, gold up in my teeth (gold up, gold up in my teeth)\ Don’t care what you say to me, I’mma bite your feelings out (gold up in my teeth)”

She does not care about him or his feelings anymore.  She and her strong gold teeth don’t need this man to control or take care of her.  She can be her own person.

“I missed you in the basement (gold up in my teeth)\ But your brother was a good substitute for you,”

Even if her man was not there, she doesn’t need him to have a good time.  His “brother” being a substitute illustrates that she knows there are plenty of other fish in sea.  There are other men that will treat her better than he treats her.  She doesn’t need him!

“And if you love me, love me but you never let me go,” describes that he did love her, but his love was controlling and he, “never let her go,” to be her own person.

“When the roof was on fire, you never let me know\ say you’re sorry honey, but you never really show And I could leave the party without ever letting you know\ Without ever letting you know.”  

The roof, representative of their relationship throughout the song is on fire.  Something that he keeps from her to make sure she stays. But in the last line of the chorus she proves that she does not have to stay in the house.  She can leave and not tell him things too.  His apologies were empty because he would just continue to control her.

“Gold up in my, gold up in my teeth (gold up, gold up in my teeth)\ Taste like money when I speak (gold up, gold up in my teeth)\ And I missed you in the basement (yeah, gold up in my teeth)\ Bodies on the pavement (oh, gold up in my teeth).”

The constant repetition of the background “Gold up in my teeth” is a reminder to herself that she is strong and can do things on her own.  And with this strength, this “gold” in her teeth, she can financially support herself.  She will not truly miss him in the basement, because she has herself.

So to all the girls who make fun of this song for being about nothing: you don’t have to analyze the song everytime you listen to it, but remember Kiiara’s message.  You are strong on your own.  You don’t need to deal with boys who treat you wrong, because there are plenty of others who will treat you right.