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A common issue for many couples is what they should do or get their significant other for Valentine’s Day. I’m here to say, don’t worry about your plans for next year, because I’ve got you covered! Although the day has come and gone this year, here is an idea that is sure to impress and relax your girlfriend or boyfriend next year:

This past Valentine’s day, my boyfriend booked us a couple’s massage. Being that this was my very first actual massage, I had no idea what to expect. Although I had always wanted a professional massage, the idea of getting fully nakey and trusting a stranger to release all my muscle tension was low key freaking me out a bit. 

When we got there, the place looked a little sketchy from the outside, which made me nervous but as soon as we got inside, it gave off relaxing vibes with candles and dimmed lighting. We were showed to our room, where we were left to undress and slip under the blankets they gave us on our beds. I decided to go with the Swedish massage, rather than the deep tissue. My friend had told me that she got a deep tissue and felt like she was being chopped to pieces… which didn’t seem like something I would be into(even though some people might be into that). The massage I selected was definitely the right choice. It was gentle, yet definitely got the job done. I felt more refreshed than ever after that. My boyfriend and I both agreed that we had to do it again soon. 

In case you’re ever stumped on what to get your significant other or even just want to have a fun day with your bestie, a couples massage is a good way to go! (Plus they’re usually always on Groupon so a plus for your wallet too!) 


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