Movie Classic: The Breakfast Club

There I was casually scrolling through my Facebook feed when I saw it. Today. March 24th, 2018. Saturday. It's been 34 years since the greatest detention of all time happened. 

If you haven't seen The Breakfast Club, honestly how are you still living? And if you have seen it, then you know it's probably one of the best movies out there. 

When I first watched it with my dad he told me that by the end of the movie I would find someone that I truly connected with. When he was younger, he found himself connecting to the criminal (aka Judd Nelson). Not many people expected much from him and had already set their minds on who he was as a person and what he'd become. My dad wasn't wrong, I found myself connecting with the brain. I wasn't exactly a nerd but I put a lot of pressure on myself, especially in high school to do well and get good grades. My parents expected the best from me, and I never wanted to disappoint. (Although I definitely would never have made the mistake to take a woodworking class.) He'd also brought up bigger issues of liking who you are as a person which I was dealing with at the time, and sometimes still struggle with, but knowing that other people faced the same problem helped me.

Who do you find yourself connecting to?