Meet SHU Couple Lyani and Tyler


Full Names: Lyani Nichols(LN) and Tyler Lee(TL)


LN: Bio/PT



LN: Lawrenceville, NJ

TL: Marboro, NJ

Campus Involvement:

LN: Alpha Omicron Pi, FLASH TL: Club volleyball, currently an associate brother of Pi Kappa Phi, FLASH


HerCampus(HC): How did you guys meet?

LN: We knew of each other on social media but we met in person during class because Tyler used to be Bbio/PT.  I was the first one to say hi all the time and Tyler would just wave at me like he didn’t know me!

TL: Not true! I said hi to her in the Boland Basement one time and she had RBF and ignored me the whole time.

LN: We officially became friends during dance practice when we both checked our chem test grades at the same time and just like that our chemistry clicked over our failures!


HC: How long have you been official?

TL: One year and like three weeks.


HC: Did you celebrate Valentine's day and if so, how?

TL: First time was at a diner and we both happened to be sick so I have her a big teddy bear, chocolate and cough drops.  This year I brought her to Ani Ramen, bought her a stuffed panda, roses, chocolate and we went to Absolute Zero for dessert.

LN: I was sick on Valentine’s Day for both years, hence the cough drops and hot soup!


HC: What’s your favorite quality about the other person?

TL: First thing I ever looked at and fell in love with was her smile! Her voice, it’s a bit high, but mad cute.  They way she cares about people and how she works hard.  I love how with her I can be myself and I can be who I really am without having to watch what I say or think about what she thinks of me if I act a certain way.  The list can go on.

LN: My favorite quality about him is that he is patient.  Everyone knows that he can be super goofy and really fun to be with and that he’s athletic and very hardworking and passionate, but I don’t think people have really seen how cring and patient he is.  There are like multiple times when I wonder why he still puts up with me, but he’s never failed to show how much he cares and how thoughtful he is.


HC: What’s your favorite thing to do together?

TL: Favorite thing to do together is usually chilling watching a movie and eating!  I can say eating is a big mutual thing we like to do together, but of course I guess just studying or going to the library with each other.

LN: Our favorite thing to do together if its’ not studying in the library every day until closing then it’s definitely watching movies and eating snacks! We always end up watching some anime he recommends, but I always choose the food to eat so it all works out!