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Meet EC: President Gabby Davis

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Seton Hall chapter.

Name: Gabrielle Davis

Year: Junior

Major: Public relations/Spanish

Hometown: Syracuse, NY

Campus Activities: Alpha Gamma Delta (VP Recruitment), PRSSA, Blue Crew (Admissions Office)

Get to know the Her Campus President, Gabrielle Davis! The bilingual beauty has plans to take over the PR world one day, but in the mean time is staying involved on campus one club at a time. Thanks for everything you do Gabby! HCxo

Her Campus(HC): What’s your favorite part about HC?

Gabby Davis(GD): I think my favorite part is the creativity factor. Also, the fact that we have the opportunity to give a voice to so many amazing young women that otherwise may not be heard.

HC: What made you want to take on the President position for HC?

GD: I love getting as involved as possible and taking on leadership roles. I’ve always just wanted to be a role model, and someone that people look up to and think “Wow, I really admire her work ethic.” When I’m passionate about something I try and give it my all, and HC was just the perfect opportunity.

HC: What’s your dream job?

GD: Hmmmm that’s a good one. I feel like I always get asked this and never know what to say. The beauty of PR is that I can do just about anything! Ideally, I would love to use my “bilingual-ness” to travel as much as possible. A Chief Marketing Officer of some successful company doesn’t sound too bad either ;)

HC: What’s your favorite part about Seton Hall?

GD: Personally, I love that I am far-ish away from home (almost 5 hours). I also love the proximity to NYC; it’s pretty important to my major and I’ve already gotten to complete an internship and mentorship because of it. But on the other hand I love that SHU is so close-knit and that I can see all my friends and new faces on a quick walk to class.

HC: What’s your best advice for the new Freshman on campus?

GD: Just put yourself out there. Do what YOU want to do, not what everyone else wants to do. Don’t be afraid of what people think, if you don’t get involved now you’ll totally regret it. This is the best time of your life so take advantage of all of these amazing opportunities. (And for the love of God please stop wearing your lanyards around your neck and using the trays in the Caf, you’ll thank me later)

While striving to become a high maintenance magazine girl, Rachel in the mean time, is a Senior Diplomacy major at Seton Hall. Obsessions include: her dog, airplanes, horoscopes (Cosmo astrologers are n e v e r wrong), and her sorority. When asked where she plans to be in 10 years Rachel responded "In 10 years I hope I'm either a very successful NYC woman or on vacation...either will do really."