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A Letter to New Students From Out of State

Dear out of state students,

I know we have just been in school for about two weeks, and I hope these two weeks have been great. I understand that things can feel a little different here. You may have come from a small school, this may be the first time you have had to live with a roommate, you have come from a very warm area (I’m sorry it’s going to get colder), but know you belong here. You are a pirate now. You have a family and many of your teachers and advisors will soon become your support system.

I want you to remember college is what you make it. You are here to get an education (I’m sure your parents have reminded you that a few times already). You, your parents, or whoever gave you the scholarship are paying a pretty penny to be here so take that seriously. We are all so blessed to go to such a great institution with such an amazing reputation. Make sure you take advantage of this opportunity that has been placed in front of you. We are very close to New York City and that can open so many doors for you.

Now education is important, but also so is a healthy social life. Make some friends. Join some clubs. Get involved in Greek life. Take a hike at the South Mountain Reservation. Go to the gym (our gym is very nice). Do things that are fun. Do things that make you happy. Make sure you take time out for yourself. We have a club for just about any interest you have and if you don’t see one. Create one yourself.

Our campus is beautiful, you’ve seen it. But our campus really looks it best during Christmas time. During Christmas they pull out all of the stops. Sometimes there will even be snow on the ground when the Christmas tree is up and makes for great photo opportunities. As someone who never had snow around Christmas time it is beautiful to see. Take advantage of the weather now. Spend some time on the green with your friends and most importantly take lots of pictures with your friends.

Quick tips:

  • Make sure you get a winter coat. Try to get the coat from around here. I am from the South and coats from down there are not equipped for the winter here.
  • Try to make a variety of friends: friends in and out of state. If you live far, having friends in state can be a beneficial during Fall or Thanksgiving break. Having friends out of state can be beneficial during weekends when most people go back to their homes.
  • Join a club or Greek life. It’s one of the quickest ways to make friends and you know that already have similar interest.
  • Stay connected with SAB because they are in charge of many of the fun things going on and off campus. https://www.facebook.com/SetonHallSAB/
  • Also check out Seton Hall’s new blog for events to do during the weekend. http://blogs.shu.edu/weekender/

These can be some of the best years of your life. Stay positive. Stay focused. Take advantage of CAPS if you need it. Use this time to create wonderful memories that can last a life time.

Yours truly,

Mal xoxo

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