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Lemonade Has Finally Been Served

Exactly three years ago, Beyoncé released an unexpected album called “Lemonade”. The album was only available on Tidal and Pandora. The album was determined to be the #1 selling album in 2016 and then won numerous awards. Just this week, the hit album was added to Apple Music and Spotify, shocking all the Queen B fans worldwide. But why did it take so long for the album to be available on all music platforms?

Both Jay-Z and Beyoncé have admitted their dislike towards music platforms in the past, which could contribute to why it took so long to be readily available. Jay-Z and Beyoncé are behind the launching of Tidal, which is one of the only platforms the hit album was available on for a while.

This album is more than some good jams. But each song has a message. The album speaks volumes to being unapologetically black, issues regarding marital infidelity, and feminism.

The Beyhive is buzzing with excitement about this release and the recognition it brings to key issues in our world.

Listen to “Lemonade”, you won’t regret it!

Emily Forde

Seton Hall '22

Emily is a sophomore at Seton Hall University where she is a Biology major. When she is not doing homework or writing for Her Campus, she loves to hang out with friends and be active on campus. Emily also loves outdoorsy things, shopping, and her dog, Izzy.
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