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1. Don’t go to class

As Zac Efron starts his personal strip tease for you, your alarm goes off at 7 am, waking you up for your 8 am. Don’t even bother hitting the snooze button—turn the alarm off and go right back to sleep. But not for the sake of Zac Efron, for the sake of your finals. Why bother go to class when sleep is so crucial to you doing well on your exams?

2. Don’t study

Trying to memorize three chapters for one exam takes hours. Hours that you can spend sleeping, getting ready for your finals.

3. Don’t eat

Why wake up to eat when you can just stay asleep? Scared of getting hungry? Just sleep! If you’re asleep, you can’t feel the hunger!


Don’t do anything. Sleep is the most important part of college life because it is how you preserve energy for life in general. So stay. Asleep.

In the end, all you can do is pray.

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