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Keeping Our Earth Clean: Easy Ways to Go Green

Invest in a sturdy water bottle.

Plastic bottles are hugely problematic in the global waste crisis. They’re easy to use up and often hard to find places to throw away (though much less so than it used to be). Find yourself a quality water bottle that can stand the test of time- maybe even go the route of a reusable coffee cup if you feel it suits your lifestyle better. Both Starbucks and Dunkin have programs where you can get a “refill” of your drink even if you’ve never used the cup before (anywhere between 10 and 50 cents less than your regular drink price).

Go digital.

Some professors are real sticklers about taking notes with a pen and paper. If you can, make sure to limit your paper usage as much as possible to keep the forest where it belongs. If your professor really doesn’t like to use technology, get a Decomposition Book. They’re made from 100% recycled paper and printed with soy ink, so they’re the most environmentally conscious choice when it comes to physical writing.

Limit your use of electricity where you can.

When you’re leaving the room, make sure you aren’t contributing to the light pollution problem and turn out your light. You don’t need to see when you’re not in there!

Avoid plastic packaging.

Totable snack bags are cheap and easy to get in the habit of using when you’re a broke college student. However, most grocery stores have bulk food sections where you can bring your own container instead of using a bag. Now, you might not be able to eat that 5th snack bag of Cheetos you wanted but at least you’re keeping a plastic bag out of some poor fish’s stomach.

Reusable straws are your best friend!

For a chronically tired college student, coffee is what makes the world go round. If you truly can’t invest in a reusable cup for your addiction, make sure to at least buy a pack of reusable straws. They’re easy to clean and are extremely beneficial to the waste crisis. Think of all the sea turtles you will save when you cut plastic straws out of your life.

Sophie Gochtovtt

Seton Hall '21

Sophie is a double major in Visual and Sound Media and Creative Writing at Seton Hall. She is an active sophomore- involved in Alpha Sigma Tau, English Club, and Pirate TV. In her free time, she enjoys watching movies, reading books and writing stories.
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