Human Trafficking: Fact or Fiction?

Recently there has been word going around campus that students are being approached by people asking them if they are religious. The people then proceed to ask if they have ever heard of the concept “God the mother” and ask students if they are interested in going to bible study to learn more. After hearing that this could potentially be a human trafficking ploy, I immediately questioned why Seton Hall has not made efforts to bring awareness of these potential dangers to staff and students. I’ve heard awful stories about people being kidnaped into human trafficking but never thought it could happen to myself or anyone I knew, but hearing that this could be happening to people you know makes these situations very real and is alarming, to say the least. I have personally heard of girls I know that have been approached by these people promoting “God the mother” so naturally, that scares the living shit out of people.

With further research, I have come across articles that give opposing conclusions. One side says that these rumors are all a hoax and it is legitimately a religious organization called the World Mission Society Church of God originally based in Korea but have branches in the US. The other articles are warnings that the group actually had intentions of kidnapping students. Personally, I have always felt safe while walking on campus. Hearing these reports have definitely made me more cautious, especially when I’m by myself. 

Whether these reports are true or all just a rumor, it’s important to just be cautious wherever you are. If you think you are ever in a dangerous situation, Seton Hall has a blue light emergency system that directly connects you to the South Orange Police Department in case of an emergency. Stay safe out there my dudes.