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How to Make A Difficult Decision

Decisions. Decisions. Decisions. We make hundreds of decisions every single days whether it’s what we should have for dinner or whether we should date a particular guy? Every day you are making decisions. So how do you make major decisions?

I have listed below some tips on making decisions:

  • Pray about it. Whenever I make big decisions I always pray before every major decision. You always want to be doing what you are supposed to not what your mom or friend or boyfriend wants you to do. God knows it and He will tell you if you listen to him. So pray about it and ask God what you should do.
  • If the decision hurts you or someone else then don’t make it. Now there are exceptions to these rules, but most decisions you will be making you won’t have to listen to the exceptions of the rule.
  • If it does not nourish you don’t do it. My yoga teacher said this one class and I have not forgotten it. She said this applies to not just food, but relationships and friendships too. If you are trying to decide whether to do something and it does not provide nourishment to you, then don’t do it.
  • Listen to yourself. Most times we already know what is right and what we need to do so just listen to yourself.
  • Look for signs. Most times when you have a major decisions there where will signs that will help you make the proper decision. Look out for them and don’t ignore them.

These are the tips I use when I make decisions. They have helped me this previous year to make better decisions. 

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