How To Get The Perfect Schedule

It’s that time of year my friends. We can’t keep doing that thing where we keep ignoring our future, like we all know and love. Its schedule time! When creating your schedule for this next semester, you can skip all the stress and anxiety. Here are a couple steps to assist your planning…


  1. 1. Map out your audit!

    Don’t rely on your advisor to do it for you. They have a lot of students to look after so it’s best for you to have a plan for yourself.

  2. 2. Check rate my professor.

    Students are brutally honest on so this is a great tool to decipher what professor is a go.

  3. 3. Ask your friends for recommendations!

    Real friends will give you the hard, cold truth.

  4. 4. Email professors to see if they will open a spot for you if the class you need is full!

    If you absolutely need to be in a class and it’s full, don’t stress!

  5. 5. Consistently refresh PirateNet for updates on classes.

    Things are constantly changing during scheduling week so keep yourself in the loop and don’t miss opportunities!

Overall, mapping out your schedule can be a complicated planning process but if you are prepared all should go well! Good luck out there, everyone!