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Birth Haven, a non-profit organization for homeless pregnant women and girls, was established in Newton, NJ in 1985. This home gives support to all who need it. The shelter can house approximately nine mothers, and their babies. Most of the women in the house represent diverse backgrounds, race, ethnicity, religious beliefs, etc. and are usually between the ages of 17 and 21.

Elizabeth Sutherland, the founder, created this safe haven where lost mothers can carry their babies to full term in a nurturing environment. Most women choose to stay an additional six weeks after birth. Their mission is to provide these young mothers with the tools to nurture and provide a more stable environment for their newborns, by learning greater self-sufficiency, as many women come to them in a state of crisis. However, sometimes the crisis does not mean no shelter, rather they are at risk of abuse.

When young women come into the home they will receive medical care, mental health care, individual Group Therapy, case management, career development, education, and life skills workshops.

Birth Haven goes above and beyond to make these women feel confident bringing a life into the world, by helping them attain personal growth through individualized therapy plans.

Donating, whether it be your time or money is made easy by Birth Haven. On their website, you can find the operating costs in their “about us” tab. This page allows you to donate anywhere from $250 (life skills classes they offer) to $5,000 (their weekly run cost).

It is just as easy to donate your time as it is monetary donations. Birth Haven partners with local community organizations, as well as volunteers.

If you feel a calling to lend a hand, Birth Haven can be reached at 973-579-7979 or directly through their website.

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