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Every school year there is that one song that comes on in a party that everyone and their mother’s go wild for. When I hear the song “Closer” by the Chainsmokers a fond but also slightly disturbing memory of young, wild, and free freshman me doing hood rat stuff (that should not be specified (ever)) at my first monumental collegiate shindigs. The song is just a down right crowd pleaser, am I right or am I right?? Well, as my novice times came to a close, so did the popularity for that song about stealing your roommates mattress. You know what they say, new year, new anthem people! I don’t know much about radio nor do I keep track of what songs are topping the current charts. As syllabus week is well underway, party goers sit back and wait to see what this year’s “Closer” will be. Well, based off zero facts or research, I predict that “Bodak Yellow” by Cardi B will be the “it” song of the year. Next time you hear it at a party try and resist that rush of adrenaline that unleashes that makes a night out epic. Odds are, you can’t. So my suggestion to any aspiring college partier is to listen to Cardi B’s poetic lyrics sing to you and know those words like you know your ex’s Instagram page. With this prediction, I’m wishing you all a solid school year and praying that you don’t make enemies with anyone like Cardi B… She will call you out to the world and make a fire song while doing so.


Veronica Ruth

Seton Hall '20

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