Helping the Environment in NYC

Anyone who lives in or has visited New York City would not argue that it is a major source of pollution for the Earth. Although many would think the cleanliness of NYC is a lost cause, any effort helps towards keeping the Earth clean (or from getting more polluted than it already is). Here are a few volunteer groups to get involved in around the area:

  1. Members get the chance to take part in numerous arboreal efforts around the city. The group is cosponsored with the NYC Parks Department and New York Restoration Program and have planted and managed around 600,000 trees around the city.

  2. This group aims to keep New York City’s carbon footprint to a minimum. The group salvages recycled building materials that are resold and reused, that would otherwise be dumped into a land fill. If you are looking for more incentive into joining, they offer goodie bags and pizza to volunteers.

  3. The group has expanded from starting drop-off recycling centers in NYC in 1987 to compost-collection and electronic-waste recycling today to make the area greener. Volunteers weed, plant, fertilize and maintain green areas around the LES Center.