Drop Dead Winter

After the freezing temperatures we suffered through last week, people are more than excited and looking forward to warmer weather. People always hope for cold weather where they can put on their faux fur coats, thigh high boots and walk down the streets looking like Cruella de Vil or Miranda Priestly. What most of us end up looking like is an overstuffed burrito, desperately trying to find new ways to stop our extremities from freezing in the cold.

Somehow, celebrities seem to have superpowers when it comes to dressing in the cold.

Even in sweats, many of them still look super stylish with a hint of an effortless “I Woke Up Like This”. But here’s the thing, us mere humans can have the same camera-ready outfits with just a few items in our closet.

Here are some of the items you might need to spice up your wordrobe:

A Bomb Jacket/Coat

A good jacket or coat can be paired with anything. Splurging on a nice, fancy coat will be one of the best decisions of your life. They are an any day, any outing, type of accessory. They can be dressed down or dressed up and will make you look like a boss anywhere you go.

Your Everyday Sweatpants

Yes, sweatpants are associated with lazy wear. However, when paired with a nice crop top, a jacket, and accessories, sweatpants can go from loungewear to chic really quick. This allows you to still be comfortable and warm, yet runway ready.


Sometimes, all you need are a few accessories here and there. A bright scarf or some jewelry can make all the difference from taking an outfit from drab to fab.

Hopefully, we’ll learn to turn the snow-covered pavement into our own personal catwalk, but till then, I’ll be eagerly awaiting the time when I can finally pull out my denim shorts and mini skirts.