Current Trends We Want to Wear Forever

Summer ’16 was filled with trends we were in AWE over…Although the fall fashion season has begun, we’re not ready to get rid of these summer styles! Here's our guide discussing the trends we’re currently in love with and ways to continue wearing them as the weather changes!

Denim Skirts

The ’90’s denim skirt trend made a comeback this summer and we LOVED it. Usually paired with a mini tank or body suit, how is it not an all-time fav? Trying to wear this closet necessity in a more put-together fashion? Pair your classic skirt with booties! Short booties have definitely made a statement in the past year and only continue to be paired with endless outfits. It adds a high-fashion look to the denim trend and most definitely will help your outfit look a bit more put together!

Sport Logos

Whether we’ve seen Bella Hadid wearing a full Nike© jumpsuit, Kylie Jenner strutting in her own PUMA© line, or even Rihanna out and about in her Adidas© sneakers, we’ve fallen in love with the trend of sporting logos! Looking to wear these logos in a style where it DOESN’T look like you’re coming from/going to the gym? Pair your classic Adidas sneakers with a cute t-shirt dress or wear your Nike graphic tank with a pair of faded jeans and leather booties!

One Piece Bathing Suit

It was a high-key obsession this summer. Bringing back the old Baywatch style bathing suit! Flattering on any body type and super high fashion, we couldn’t help but be obsessed with one piece suits! In love with the tight and clean look it gives you!? A body-suit worn with a cute pair of jeans, shorts, or even a skirt can give you the same look and feel!

NUDE Color Palette

And this seasons color is……. NEUTRALS! We’re loving the blacks, tans, beiges, and whites that are becoming the NOW trend. We’ve seen neutrals all over the runway and we can’t help but steal a few of those ideas! As the weather gets a little colder and a little less sunny, we usually lean towards darker colors; maroon, hunter green, etc… But not this year. A long sleeve dress in any neutral color can be super comfortable and high fashion if paired with a short pair of boots and a cute jacket! 

Although we could go on and on about our favorite trends from this past summer, these are just a few! Keep bringing style to our cute South Orange campus Pirates. XOXO