Creative Corner: Chernobyl Estates Pitch

Are you and your loved ones looking for your next fixer upper project to get a fresh start in life? Have you always wondered what it’s like to have radiation induced superpowers? Well, look no further- Chernobyl Estates is your new home!

The Chernobyl Estates Project is pleased to announce that their refurbishment project of the inhabited-then-evacuated city of Chernobyl, Ukraine is open to potential buyers! This area has been abandoned for years- amusement parks and 1980s style apartment buildings have been overrun by a beautiful, naturally rural atmosphere that is the perfect place to get away from all the hustle and bustle of the real world. Even the quirky locals would agree that the radiation sickness and scorched earth are well worth the trip to see such an interesting piece of history! Doomsday preppers should act now- many say that Chernobyl’s scarred land and abandoned, ghost-like atmosphere are the perfect place to build your newest bunker and experience what it would truly be like if the world dissolved into nuclear chaos and destruction!

There’s something in Chernobyl for everyone- tourism professionals have a constant flow of quirky doomsday preppers, local graffiti artists, and old Ukranian women, scientists can monitor the constantly changing levels in radiation and landscape (for a long time, too- many estimate the land will not recover from its destruction until 2214!), artists who need a place to throw up their latest graffiti piece, and animal activists can monitor the mutation of animals in the wilderness! Chernobyl Estates will even provide you with your own personal Geiger counter, as legally required by anyone who enters the area!

Chernobyl Estates: Radiating beauty since 1983. Inquire for prices today!